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100% original, made in Russia, Kazakhstan origin
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HEETS online shop

IQOS is positioned as an electrical tobacco heating system. That is why users of these devices will still deal directly with tobacco. However, even this statement is not quite true, because tobacco for IQOS HEETS Club is specially treated and pressed in such a way that its consumption is minimal.

The more popular IQOS becomes, the more people want to learn more about what this technology has to offer. And if there is more than enough information about the device and technology of heating tobacco.

Why is HEETS not burning?

Not because it's not tobacco, but because every stick is wrapped in foil paper. The tobacco inside is just real and of the best quality. By the way, only 13% of the world's raw tobacco is good for heatsticks. It does not look like ordinary tobacco because it is crushed and pressed, it is very important that the tobacco is good, without sticks and veins, otherwise it will not be evenly heated and will not have a stable taste. The amount of tobacco as in a regular cigarette (it is much more compact) but what is important is that there is nicotine in the proper amount.

What else is there in HEETS besides tobacco?

In addition to HEETS tobacco, propylene glycol and glycerol, both are here to keep the tobacco moist and the user can inhale smoke-like and aerosol. Both substances are very everyday and are part of products, from cookies to creams. Aerosol, compared to cigarette smoke, contains 90% less harmful substances, a fact already proven by many studies.

Buy HEETS in Dubai online just within two clicks. Go to the to make a purchase. We do delivery all over the UAE. Retail or wholesale.

HEETS wholesale

We bring to your attention the big assortment of our production from the company with a world name Philip Morris! Carries out realization of sticks HEETS small-sized and large wholesale.

There is always a wide range of products available. All products have a quality certificate. We carry out delivery across UAE. And also in the countries of near and far abroad. Also we offer devices of new generation at the lowest prices.

Our IQOS shop online offers next positions

  • HEETS Bronze Selection - brown colour, intense tobacco aroma, even cigarillos.
  • HEETS Sienna Selection - red colour, strong tobacco aroma.
  • HEETS Amber Selection - orange colour, intense flavour with a hint of nuts.
  • HEETS Yellow Selection - yellow colour, delicate flavour with a hint of citrus.
  • HEETS Turquoise Selection - turquoise colour, menthol flavour.
  • HEETS Blue Selection - dark blue, very strong mint.
  • HEETS Green Selection - dark green, intense menthol.
  • HEETS Sienna Caps - Sienna with switchable menthol capsule
  • HEETS Gold Selection - moderate tobacco flavour
  • HEETS Purple Wave - aroma of purple, berries and forest herbs with menthol
  • HEETS Silver Selection - Silver, very mild taste
  • HEETS Green Zing - menthol and lime flavour

Price of HEETS

Who produces HEETS for the UAE market?

They produce our sticks in the first, main and biggest factory of this type in Bologna, Italy. This factory is more than half robotized, and in itself a technological marvel as much as IQOS. Basically it works 24/7 to provide tobacco sticks to more than 40 markets, among which UAE.

Here 9 types of HEETS are produced, adapting to the needs of each market.

Also on some markets there is an inscription on the pack by Marlboro or by Parliament, it does not mean that the composition is special and has something from the mentioned brand. The styles are exactly the same, it is a marketing move that uses the image of the most popular brand in the country to convince smokers to switch to IQOS.

Recently the HEETS labels were standardised worldwide, although there are still exceptions. In the new design and taste, the individual colors are referred to as HEETS Selection. All HEETS variations have the same nicotine content of 0.5 mg per cartridge, the difference is only in taste (official HEETS composition). The HEETS price in UAE is 139 AED per box.

HEETS creations

Why are scientists working on creations?

At The Cube's state-of-the-art research centre in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, more than 400 engineers and scientists, many of them pharmacists, and therefore most of the research is related to health risks.

While traditional smoking produces 6,000 harmful components as a result of tobacco combustion, tobacco heating produces 90% fewer harmful substances. Philip Morris International has spent about $6 billion on research and development, of which about 80% was spent on smokeless products.

IQOS devices

At the moment there are 4 IQOS devices in our line.

  1. IQOS 2.4 Plus is a classic IQOS, the most available in the lineup, but still relevant, and with a Bluetooth module and application support on your smartphone. The right choice for budget-conscious customers and those who choose their first IQOS, and still hesitating whether the gadget will fit at all.
  2. Three (IQOS 3) - robust design, current customizable design, improved comfort of use and faster charging of the holder. Apparently, this model is going to be discontinued soon after the new IQOS 3 DUO is available.
  3. The IQOS MULTI is a compact model with the possibility of continuous use and is designed for 10 sessions.
  4. Finally, the newest IQOS 3 DUO, which offers all the advantages of a triple, plus 2 sessions without recharging and an advanced power supply system that reduces holder charging, extends battery life and autonomy.
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